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Want a little magic with your romance?

Batter Up - Robyn Neeley

This was a fun read with a little magical baking thrown in. The fantasy element gave a nice little twist and made for some good laughs. 


Emma's been hosting Batter Up night for a couple years now, continuing her grandmother's tradition of nudging bachelors toward their true love with a little magic cake batter. Too bad the magic only gives the names of men's sweethearts and not women. Emma's cousin Abby keeps trying though, and she pulls a "J" out of the batter for Emma.


Jason is a journalists who's spent too much time on the down and dirty crime beat of Miami. A detour to Buttermilk Falls to expose a con-artist in a bakeshop sounds like a great diversion. Little does he know how this trip will change his life and his heart.


I really enjoyed the chemistry and the snarkiness between these two as they fought it out and gave in to their attraction. 


Rating--PG-13. All sex is closed door, but there is quite a bit of talk about it.