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Great Idea That Didn't Take Off

Exodus - Andreas Christensen

This book has so much potential that it hurts to write a negative review, however there were several things that made it hard to get lost in the story.


1. Too many characters to know who was important.

2. I never connected to or felt like I knew any of those characters so I had a "Who cares?" attitude up until the end.

3. The story was 2/3 background and people thinking and only 1/3 dialogue. It was like reading a history book instead of a story.

4. A lot of telling without much showing.


Here's what was good about the book.


1. The idea of why the world had to suddenly figure out how to get a ship of people off planet to ensure the continued existence of the human race.

2. There was enough back story that I understood how the government had changed over the years to reach what it was in the book.

3. I loved that there was an underground rebellion that wanted to restore the Constitution to its original glory.

4. Things didn't happen overnight. It took years to choose who would go, how they would go, and where they would go. They actually made plans in the hope they would figure out the propulsions in time as well as the cryogenics.


All in all, this book could be amazing, but it felt like reading someone's notes on the book they wanted to write. Does that make sense?