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Part 2 of the Glassford Girl

Glassford Girl: Part 2 (The Emily Heart Time Jumper Series) (Volume 2) - Jay J. Falconer

Poor Emily! She breaks one rule--Don't get involved--and everything falls to pieces. Soon she's letting her ability to see into people, who they really are inside, allow her to fall in love. That's another rule down the drain--no boys!


Derek is still a mystery, but he's a good guy inside. We just don't know yet what kind of horrors from his past put him on the street. It's just too bad that one kiss is enough to send Emily forward in time again. 


In fact, since the beginning of the series I believe Emily has lived maybe a week, but we've had at least a year and a half normal time pass. If she doesn't get things under control soon he'll be way too old for her. 


This installment has some twist and turns, the last chapter especially is quite the ride. It seems those who experimented on her are about to catch up. She's also started hearing the voice of her mother. There are so many questions I can't wait to find the answers to. The least of which is--Will poor Emily get to stay in one place for an entire day, much less a week?


Loved the story progression, the only down side is still the occasional language.