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Not Quite What I Remembered

Andra - Louise Lawrence

I just re-read this book after 18 years. The storyline still fascinates me, but as one of Lawrences earlier books, there are several technical issues with her writing. The head hopping (point of view changes within a scene) was the most bothersome. Although all her books do that, it seemed especially distracting in this novel.


The idea of a girl knowing all the things Andra does simply because of a brain graft of the optical section is fascinating. Can you really separate one function of the brain from the rest? Obviously not. Andra remembers seeing things she couldn't possibly have seen. She understands and knows things she couldn't, and her individuality is heightened. Although, I'm under the impression Andra was well on her way to her own person long before getting a piece of brain from a 2000 year old dead boy. 


The book is really quite sad because of the ending. You have to ask, could people be so selfish and cruel?