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Possession - Elana Johnson First, I feel very lucky to have read this before the release date. I highly recommend it to everyone!

I'm probably biased because I love Elana from her blog, but OMGosh! I'm still processing the ending and will post a full review on my blog next week. Right now I'm just hoping she has a book two in the works to go along with this great ride through her imagination.

Elana builds a believable world that is easy to slip into and feel completely at home. The tech is amazing and I never once thought "No way". The tech and the mind control give this sci fi novel a slight fantasy aftertaste--wonderful! I loved that good and bad are all mixed up in this novel. Everything is really about your perspective and this is so true to real life.

*sigh* its a sad confusing ending for me though. I'm trying not to write any spoilers though. So, just know that the end makes sense, and it's what I would have done. Doesn't mean I have to be happy about it. I'd totally read the book again and again anyway.