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Between - Cyndi Tefft This was a fun light read. I read it on my Kindle for PC in a few hours. I think my brain was ready for a romance, and this is just what the doctor ordered. One of the things I enjoyed about this read was the good Christian values without being beat up by them. They were there, but not the point of the book.

My one beef is that we were thrown into the story so quickly. Bam! Lindsey is dead and instead of freaking out "OMG! I'm dead!" she is "Wow, he's really hot in that kilt. I wonder if he's wearing anything under it?" I would have liked a little more reflection on the life and people she was leaving behind before starting the romance.

Having said that, the romance was super sweet with just the right amount of heat. I loved that Lindsey was the aggressive one and Aiden had to keep trying to protect her "innocence". Oh, and just when I was getting bored of the dating "between" earth and heaven, Tefft throws in a twist that I never saw coming.

And it broke my heart! I cried for both of them and couldn't stop reading until the twist was unraveled.