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The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss The blurb doesn't come close to describing the book. At all. There is a lot of mystery, heartache and hope running through the story. As the blurb says, the story is told by Kvothe as he tells it to a story teller/scribe person while sitting in a tavern. There are small sections in the present that hint of something big coming in the world. Something evil. There are also hints that Kvothe has lost his ability to work magic. All these little hints make the history telling weightier because you are looking for the clues.

It's a big book and once again it took me a while to read it. About two months, which is weird because I read all the Harry Potter books in twenty-four hours. (Told you my reader was broken.)

I think it took a while to read simply because of the pacing. This is the first book in an epic fantasy series. Rothfuss is not in any hurry, but that's okay. The word crafting is brilliant. His descriptions are wonderful without being over-bearing. We get to move through Kvothe's life and watch his character develop. Although nothing major (like a war or being chased for 500 pages) takes place, there are lots of smaller events that push Kvothe toward the great wizard that he will become.

There were many times that I wanted to move forward a little faster, but that's because I don't get a lot of time in my life to read. As a writer, this book was a great lesson in how to make slower pacing work. Each word was carefully chosen. Each phrase, sentence, paragraph, scene and chapter had a purpose and was beautifully written. The book worked wonderfully as a whole unit.

I've put the second book on my list of to read.