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Blue Fire - Janice Hardy *Deep Sigh* Janice said this book was hard for her to get right. Well, she must have worked her butt off, because she nailed it.

Six months have passed since the events at the end of The Shifter and we are thrown right into the action from the beginning. And it doesn't let up. The best thing is that Janice flows from one event to the next seamlessly. Her characters stay true to who they are, but they've also grown stronger from their experiences.

It's hard to say much without giving too much away. Let's just say I really loved the exchanges between Nya and Vyand. I also loved the revelation Nya stumbles on at the end. Its great because Janice didn't hint at this anywhere else so it was a surprise to me. Looking back she might have hinted once, but I missed it because Nya missed it. That's great writing in my opinion. I'd have been tempted to drop hints all over the place and ruined the effect.

Now I'm anxiously awaiting the last book in the series. *rubs hands together*