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Dead Running - Cami Checketts First of all, I read this in a day. I love a book that pulls me in and keeps me to the end. There came a point when I had to put the book down and take my daughter to the dentist. No worries, right? All I had to do was drive and then I could read again in the waiting room. Her appointment took seven minutes. Seven stinking minutes!

The worst part was I had reached the point where all the players were in motion and I was just waiting to see how it fell into place. That was the LONGEST drive home ever.

This book had a nice mystery, loveable and believable characters with great voice. I loved how real Cassidy was. Her sense of humor and off the wall bluntness had me smiling the whole time. And the end of the 10K race? OMGosh I couldn't stop laughing. It was just a great story that let me slip out of my life and into someone elses. That's why I read.

Bonus points for the following:

Making me WANT to start running again. I loved how Checketts used Cassidy's training for the marathon to show us how strong and determined (stubborn) she could be. Cassidy grows stronger in more ways than one as she pushes herself harder than ever before.
Brilliant plot twist with Dr. Tattoo (totally dreamy dude). I don't want to spoil anything, but LOVED it. Early on I had a very definite idea of which side he would be on, but wow there was still a great surprise in store for me and Cassidy. Can you say CONFLICT baby?
All the great nicknames Cassidy had for the other characters. I'm so bad with names that I do this same thing! I only wish she had told Detective Shine what his name meant.