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Four in the Morning - Christi Goddard First thing I noticed? The voice. It's excellent! You should read the book just to see how an author can ooze voice. Yeah, it's that good.

I loved everything about Kathleen--the fact she wasn't your normal skinny beauty queen teen or sickly sweet. She had a scathing wit that she wore like chain mail. and it was AWESOME. This story is NOT your typical YA. Not even close. I'm not even sure how to explain how it's different, but the words raw, real, snarky, angry, surprising all come to mind.

The only thing that bugged me was the part about the letter to the minister's daughter--hold on, let me explain. I kept waiting for that to go somewhere. That character was a non-player and I was starting to fear it was a dropped thread. But don't worry, it wasn't. And I can't explain it without giving away some spoilers. I will say that Christi dropped the bomb to explain things right before I was too frustrated with it. And then it all made perfect sense-->more so than this paragraph, I promise.

And the end! I sure hope there will be more of Kathleen's story.