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Seduction of the Scepter - E. Rose Sabin Normally I like things like high speed chases, gun fights, and stars going nova to fill the pages of my books. Or a gritty murder mystery to solve. It's sort of strange that I've been reading so many historical settings lately. They normally aren't my thing, but I've enjoyed this little foray onto different shelves.

Seduction is full of intrigue, strategy, and a good dose of heartache. The names were hard for me to wrap my brain around and I'm sure what I was saying was nothing like what the author thought. However, that didn't really matter, or even slow me down. Okay, well I did stumble a few times when I wasn't sure who I was reading about, BUT those were all minor characters that didn't really matter.

I loved how this is written like a series of journal entries. It allowed Sabin to use an easy and personal tone that really pulled me into the story. Lara is a strong female lead who even though she didn't originally want to be queen, finds that she's really good at it. As I was reading I kept thinking about the things in my life I didn't want to do, but once I did I found that I enjoyed them (such as planning the QueryCon at UB). This helped me relate to Lara since I've never been queen.

The writing was clean, solid, and I read the whole book in about two days. The romance was heartbreaking. Sabin did a wonderful job showing the two sides at war within Lara--mother or lover?