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Treasure Me - Christine Nolfi This was a fun holiday read. I started it Thanksgiving evening and finished it when I woke at three am with indigestion. Nolfi does a great job juggling lots of threads. At first I felt there were too many, but they all come together so nicely in the end that I forgave her.

Whats more, the characters are great. Birdie has a strong and distinctive personality that I couldn't help but like. She seems rough around the edges out of necessity, but Nolfi gives these great glimpses of the tender-hearted and often lonely woman. You hurt for her childhood and the circumstances that make it so hard for her to become more than she is.

I loved the witty dialogue. Passages like this had me chuckling out loud and kept me reading.

“Couldn’t you drag yourself out of bed?” Finney barked. “It’s after ten o’clock.”

Birdie rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She’d woken in a bad mood, with the memory of kissing Hugh settled on her chest like a two-ton safe. A long shower and the prospect of locating more clues hadn’t raised her spirits.

“I’m here, I’m dressed like a prostitute. What more do you want?” She yanked down the ruffled hem of her waitress uniform but the skirt rode up. Growling with frustration she added, “I shouldn’t have to wear this thing. Delia’s uniform fits her. Why am I stuck with clothes sized for a Playboy bunny?”

“I’m not buying a new uniform until I’m sure you’ll stay for more than a few weeks. Will you?”

“Hell, no.”

“Then you’re stuck with the whore suit.”

The story is full of great characters, heartache, laughs, bitterness and hope. Some of the threads are predictable, but the characters are so unique I didn't even care. And the journey to the end was fresh and well worth it.

I give Treasure me by Christine Nolfi a solid 4.

Note for my cautious readers: Hugh is addicted to women so his mind is often in the gutter.