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Starseed - Liz Gruder This was an interesting read. It felt a lot like Roswell, but different. There are alien hybrids at high school and a romance. After that it diverges from the Roswell theme. These hybrids have a darker purpose for the earth. It takes Kaila a while to remember who she is and what's really important to her.

What worked--Gruder does a great job building the dark mystery of what the aliens are really up to on earth. You can guess, but you're not quite sure. She hints and then shows the growing division among the hybrids. I also liked her look at school life. The cliche characters are all present, but Gruder shows that everyone has a side of themselves that they hide from the public view.

What didn't work--I had a hard time relating or getting inside Kaila's head. Maybe that plastic wrap really worked. I knew I was reading a story, not living it with the characters.