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The Mythic Guide to Characters: Writing Characters Who Enchant and Inspire

The Mythic Guide to Characters: Writing Characters Who Enchant and Inspire - Antonio Del Drago, Derek Bowen I received a free copy of this for reviewing several months ago and although I'm not finished with the book, thought I'd go ahead and share my thoughts with you. The only reason I'm not finished is because I've been working through the steps Dr. Drago sets out to solidify some of the characters I'm working with in my WIPs. Since I haven't been writing much the last the last three months, I haven't been thinking along the lines of improving said writing.

I did however get 45% through the book and have found it to be very helpful with digging into the subconscious motivations of my own characters. I read one review where the reader complained that this felt like a psychology book, this is one of the things that I liked about the book. They also complained that it was similar to other books on the same topic out there. Not having read any other books on this recently I can't comment on that. I can only say it was helpful for me. I also liked how he used characters from popular movies and books to illustrate his point.

I've been going through slowly, step by step with each of my characters. As I get to know how their minds work I'm understanding how they will act and react to certain situations. When I get to sit down and finally write, I'm hoping this will result in realistic and natural progression of the story.

If you are having trouble figuring out your characters, this is a great place to start.