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Prototype - M.D. Waters Another excellent novel from M.D. Waters. I fell into Emma's world on page one. It hasn't been too long since I read the first part of the story--Archetype--but I don't think that's why it was so easy to get lost in Waters book. Emma is wonderfully human. She is often confused and scared but has hope that if she keeps moving she will eventually find the peace and happiness she craves.

She makes mistakes, but she's willing to admit that. Because she loves Noah and Adrienne so much she's willing to do anything not to hurt them, even if it means giving them up again. Thank goodness Noah won't stand for that!

This book was hard to read in spots. Why? Because I was so emotionally entrenched that I was afraid to read what was going to happen. As an author I knew what the worst possible thing was that could happen to Emma. I knew that it was coming, but I didn't want it to. Who would be the one to betray Emma and destroy her delicate happiness? I actually put the book down and walked away for a few hours when I got there because I'd been on the edge of my seat so long I needed an emotional break. That's how good it is!

If I had to nit pick for something to complain about it would be the fact Emma doesn't use contractions when she talks. Maybe no one else did either. Maybe it was a clone thing. I don't know, but Emma's dialogue is the only place I found myself noticing that she never spoke in contractions. Other than that, I was completely lost in another person's life.