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Waking Up Dead (Callie Taylor, #1) - Margo Bond Collins

This book had me from the very first chapter. The voice is great. It somehow stays light and fun while delving into solving a gruesome crime.


Callie's relationship with Ashara and her Maw-Maw is so naturally funny and heart-warming that sometimes I forgot poor Molly got hacked up. There are moments of delicious suspense where I was on the edge of my seat, almost wanting to yell at them to watch out!


Here's a quick list of the highs and lows of the book.


What worked:

the voice

the relationship between the characters

the logical progression of their detective work

the suspense


What didn't work for me:


I really wanted to know more about Callie's death (Since this is the first of the series, I'm sure more will come)
The language (I'm not big on swearing and this one had a lot for me)

Source: http://goodreads.com