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June Reading Report

It's really too bad I can't write reviews for the books I read this month. I've read two books by authors I know in critique exchanges and have two more on my computer. That's four brand new (and really awesome!) books that no one else knows about yet. 


One was a YA paranormal mystery romance. If it doesn't get picked up by some savvy agent I'll be surprised. It was sweet, haunting and completely different from anything else I've read. 


The other book was also YA but contemporary. There was a lot of heartache and secrets in there as well. That book did really well in an online contest and several agents are now reading it. *Fingers Crossed*!


I have about 50 pages of a fantasy and then a complete paranormal novel waiting for me to just open and read. Hopefully I'll get them both finished next week. 


Really, being a writer with writer friends is the best! It's just hard not getting to share all the awesomeness right away.