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Compelling Story, but Strong Language

Glassford Girl (Emily Heart Time Jumper Series) (Volume 1) - Jay J. Falconer

I paid for this book and so was a bit more invested in reading all of it. If I'd grabbed it for free I would have stopped reading around page two because of the strong language. Although I understand the gang members really would use this kind of language, I don't care to read it. 


However, as I said, I paid money for it and kept reading. Other than the language, the story is compelling and well written. Emily is a strong character. She's learned to survive in her crazy and unpredictable world. She's got her list of rules and her post jump checklist. It's all very logical, and then she goes total teenager and starts breaking her own rules. :)


I enjoyed the fact that she doesn't exactly know how she does what she does. Just that "they" changed her. The time jumping makes sense too. She can only jump forward, can't control it (yet), and the jumps seem to correlate to the amount of energy (or adrenaline) expended right before. Everything is explained in a way that makes sense.


All in all I give this 4 stars.