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Disciple, Part I

Disciple, Part I - L. Blankenship This fantasy is solid and complex with it's world building, but not too hard to follow or "fall into". I liked that L. didn't try and feed me all the historical context or rules to her world, but immersed me in her world and slowly built me up to understanding it.

The setting plays such a great role in the story, and yet you aren't pounded over the head with it. L. found the balance between setting and using the surroundings to enhance the action and mood without going into huge descriptive passages. Truly an art!

I liked Kate from the very beginning. She's thrown into a situation without knowing why other than the Elect told her she must go. Obedient, and yet strong willed, she makes a great character, as do the others.

The hardest part about reading this book is knowing it's a four part series. I sat and read the whole book in about four hours and wanted to immediately email L and say, "send me the other three drafts!" She's done an excellent job with the edits as well. There was nothing to trip me up or remind me that I was reading at all.