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Forged by Fate (Fate of the Gods) (Volume 1)

Forged by Fate (Fate of the Gods) (Volume 1) - Amalia Dillin How could you NOT want to read this book after that first tagline?

This was an excellent read. Dillin bounces back and forth through time to tell Eve's story. At one point I thought it might be easier to read chronologically but I believe Dillin's approach was best. It helped build tension while giving us the history needed to understand who Eve was and the importance of her life.

Forged reads like the Inciting Event of a larger story--which it is. It's the first in a series and this first book seriously left me wanting more. And the characters! I felt them. Walked beside them. Al of the characters grew and matured over the course of the story. Eve was the most constant. Dillin made sure I disliked Adam from the beginning and then crafted his ARC in a way that had me feeling bad for him at the end. Now I'm torn and can't decide who I want to win Eve's love--Thor or Adam?

Which brings me to all the mythological gods in Dillin's world. She blends all of them so well. They fit in seamlessly with her world view. I never questioned it and the mythology made the story so much richer.

I give Forged by Fate by Amailia Dillin a 4.5. I'm sort of upset with myself for reading the first in a series before it's released. Now I have a VERY long time to wait to see what happens next.