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Mage Revealed (The Magic Withheld, #2)

Mage Revealed (The Magic Withheld, #2) - C.D. Coffelt Coffelt has done it again. This sequel to Wilder Mage was phenomenal! She starts you off at a leisurely pace, giving you a chance to catch your breath after the showdown at the end of Wilder Mage. The tension is mainly between our main characters. What's up with Bert? That fun loving teen has turned into a moody terror. And Justus is still trying to keep Sable at arms length while fighting Spirit who is out to control him.

The conflict slowly builds, drawing you in deeper and deeper into the world of hidden magic. Questions are answered and more posed. There is joy and rebirth, heartbreak and desperation, twists and turns. In the end my mind was reeling.

How in the world is Coffelt going to get our heroes out of the mess she leaves them in at the end of Mage Revealed? I can't wait to find out!