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Slipstream - Michael Offutt Hold on to your seats, I'm sure many of you will not have seen this coming. The average Mormon Girl reads and likes a book with gay characters. ;)

Let's break this down in to bite sized chunks.

The Science

This book is not for everyone. Michael does a wonderful job digging deep into the world of physics to explain what the slipstream is and how it works. I love this kind of stuff even though my mommy brain has a hard time keeping up with it. Perhaps this is why I love it. It gives me a chance to step out of my housekeeping roll and stretch my brain. Michael's science is what makes this book so amazing. It ties everything and everyone together.

Avalon (The parallel world)

This is where the story really started for me. Before this point I was interested, but not really invested. Avalon is gritty and raw and the technology and society so different from our everyday that I was hooked. The world building was brilliant. In fact, I kept comparing it to the movie In Time. Stay with me for a moment. They are completely different worlds, but both are built and depend on certain truths: 1. Who has the power? and 2. What is the real world currency?

In the movie it's time, in Slipstream it's the essence of life (green, yellow, etc.) The layers of society fall into place based on who has enough power to get it. The lower levels work on selling or stealing it. Plain and simply brilliant.

The Characters

It took a little while to get into some of the characters, (and then I think I liked some of the minor ones more than the main ones), but these are not your average stock characters. Each one is unique and well rounded. My favorite is Dylan with his puma familiar.

The Plot

Who doesn't love a quest to save the world? Two worlds even? The fact that the main character can use the slipstream to "see" and move through time to learn what he needs to is fascinating. He uses it to live through several unique circumstances. My only problem was they solve one problem and get the next quest in the last few pages. Now I have to wait to see how this team of friends is going to find the Black Tower in our world.

The Romance

The romance is simple but powerful. Two people looking to be accepted and loved for who they are. Isn't that what we all want in the end? I didn't read the actual sex scene, so no comment there. Don't take it personally or think its an act of prejudice, I skip all explicit scenes no matter what combination of body parts are in play. Just a personal preference.

If you don't want to read about an intimate relationship between two men, don't pick this book up.