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Particle Horizon - Selso Xisto This is one of those books that took a while for me to get into, but by the end I was sneaking peaks whenever I could to finish.

What worked for me:
The grand scale of the idea contained in one place--Angelhaven. The idea of humans reaching their "Resolution Juncture" and what that could mean to other intelligent species was brilliant. Especially when contrasted with the brutal warring forces on Angelhaven. Light hidden within the darkest most determined soldier.

The science was great and not too difficult to follow. Great tech gadgets and weapons without the burden of explaining how they all worked.

What I struggled with:
Multiple POV changes from the beginning made it hard for me to keep up with who the players all were. And which side they were on. In the end I got it and it seems like there wasn't really a right or wrong side. Just two extremes duking it out.

It was also quite gruesome at times with the level and method of death, but the plot was epic.