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The Voice of Thunder - Mirka M.G. Breen I don't read a lot of middle grade fiction, but I enjoyed this one.
Beware, contains spoilers.

Here's what I liked:
The descriptions.
I loved what Mira named her journal.
How the characters were able to look outward and consider the children on the other side of the war.
The emotions the characters went through.
I thought the idea of the old oak getting knocked down but then being replaced by the Western Wall was a beautiful image.
I think several things touched me specifically because I just finished studying the Old Testament. It made the situation and the emotions the Jewish people felt as they touched the temple wall for the first time more powerful for me. I cried with them.

What I struggled with:
At first it was hard to figure out the Point of view, but I finally got it.
I wanted more information or depth but I understand why it wasn't given. This is MG and the subject matter was handled appropriately for that genre.