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Hooked - Liz Fichera This modern day Romeo and Juliette was enthralling. Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down and I read the whole thing in one day. In fact, when my kindle battery died with only 2 1/2 chapters to go, I took some drastic measures. (because I'm having issues charging it and can't sit and hold it while plugged in) I plugged it in, did all the little crazy things needed to get the charging light to come on, and then read the rest while standing beside my desk, bent over sideways to get the right angle.

And it was worth it!

Fichera does a great job keeping the tension moving forward with misunderstandings, prejudices, teen hormones, bullying best friends, family issues, and so much more. She pulls you into Fred and Ryan's world with ease. Everything is believable and rings true.

Bonus Points:

  • It is a modern day Romeo and Juliette themed story, but you don't ever think, "Oh, this is like Romeo and Juliette" while reading.  
  • The sport is GOLF! Loved that she didn't make Fred a football player or something else a little more mainstreamed. 
  • I loved that Fred was Native American. Fichera did an excellent job portraying Fred's mixed feelings about where she fit in the world, or which world she wanted. 
  • Great family dynamics--the good and the bad.
  • Ryan's best friend? SCARY and demented.