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LEGACY RISING - Shane Scollins Holy cow! I don't even know/remember where I picked this up, but when my kindle was repaired there it was. I read this in one day. Actually, just a few short hours because it was so intense I couldn't put it down.

Scollins' wove a deeply disturbing story around Alison and her devastating life. How could things get any worse than being the lone survivor of a horrible massacre during your college years? Scollins finds a way.

I'm still processing, but Scollins created characters with depth that I will continue to think about for days. The emotions were raw, real, and very powerful. One of my favorite things about Alison was that as scared as she was, she didn't give up. She could really kick some butt. "Prudence not paranoia" really sums it up, but you'll have to read to understand what I mean by that.