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Theocracide - James Wymore The idea behind this whole thing is mind boggling. The scariest thing is I can see this happening. We are already addicted/attached--whatever you want to call it--to the internet and the social world it provides us.

Imagine a world where people rarely leave their apartments. Why leave when they have everything they need at an eyeblink? Everyone wears computer goggles that keep them connected to everything all the time. They can even impose their own world views on everything around them.

This means that although everyone wears the same grey sweats, you can make people's clothes look like anything you want. Some people have Greek world views. Others pirates, or renaissance, or whatever. The point is, NO ONE sees the world for what it really is.

How do you learn to live again after living so connected? It's like the human version of a hive mind in a way.

Wymore spins a great story of one man's journey from half-awake to fully cognizant of his world situation. And his decisions no longer affect just his life. He digs into real issues humanity needs to come to grips with: our dependence on entertainment, computers, governments to tell us what to do, think, eat, etc. If we don't watch where we're headed, we will end up complacent gear heads that live solely for the next vid, feed, game, whatever and lose the things that really make up life. Friendship, touch, sight, smell, truth, wisdom.