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Seer of Mars - Cindy Borgne Borgne's world building is fantastic. Her characters are complex and real, the details about Mars rich. She really got it right with Ian's character. He was smart but a bit naive about the realities of life on Mars. He is at the age where he has two things on his mind: girls (especially the one in his dreams), and questioning everything. His confusion and pain as the story progresses is also real. I found myself wondering how he would find Kayla and Borgne didn't use any of the ways I thought up. I love it when I guess and am wrong.

The turns and twists are wonderful, the fight scenes great. One of the themes I really enjoyed was one of forgiveness and acceptance. There are lots of things that could stand in the way of Ian and Kayla's happiness but they both have a forgiving heart and are willing to accept other people. Sometimes this is what gets them in trouble, but it also shows the hope and potential for the people of Mars.

The only thing that bothered me, and it wasn't a big deal, was that I'm not sure I understood the two opposing views. One wants to go back to earth and one to another planet? I missed why they couldn't go back to earth and why would you have to choose one place or the other? I'm guessing it's tied to the resources available, but I wanted to know more about the other planet and why they want to go there so bad.