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Cowboy with a Cause - Carla Cassidy I'm a sucker for cowboys, don't know why, but I am. I even devoured Louis L'Amour books in high school. Anyway, this one had all the hero factor he needed to make this story work. Melanie's health issues came on very fast, and at times (just the beginning) I wondered if they could come on that fast, but in the end I didn't even care. The chemistry between her and Adam was wonderful,

My favorite part of the story though was the suspense. How creepy to know someone is watching you, judging you--and then deciding that you don't get to live. I loved that Adam brought out Melanie's own strength. He was the hero by helping her realize that she could save herself. That's something girls don't get a lot of these days--you can be beautiful, feminine and strong as nails.