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I picked this up on the recommendation of a friend. This was a great fantasy ride. It had all the elements of a quest fantasy without feeling to bogged down in FANTASY, if you know what I mean. If not, let me try to explain.


Sora and all of the other characters felt so real to me. They had fears and emotions I could relate to even though they were on this fantastical journey where death could find them at least 50 ways each day. Sora was young and naive to the world, but she grew into a strong capable woman. I loved watching her growth.


As much as I loved Sora, I'm the most intrigued by Crash. Even though he came off cruel, cold, unmovable at first, I found myself drawn to him. The mystery isn't solved, not even scratched really in this first novel and that's what will take me to the next one. And I secretly hope he'll find Sora again someday. Maybe not, but the romantic in me likes the fact that she was able to "wake" him up. He starts to feel again, grow a conscious, want to be better.

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